To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of the accident that forever changed me, a new tattoo: the Steven Universe star, filled with #mermaid-colored galaxy. At my lowest lows, #StevenUniverse saved my life. Reminded me of hope and love. Held me and gave me companionship and comforted my wounded heart. The #galaxy reminds me, as Carl Sagan said, we are made of star stuff. Connected by our molecules and atoms, hearts that beat and lungs that breathe and souls that seek. 5 years, I have struggled. Physically and mentally and emotionally. Recently, I saw a psychiatrist for the first time ever. Gently, she diagnosed me with PTSD, general anxiety disorder, and to my great surprise, bipolar 2 disorder. I began taking meds just a few weeks ago, and already I feel myself stabilizing. Relaxing. Opening. Over the past 5 years, I have withdrawn and hid away. I turned into a quiet hermit. I lost my way. Mired as I was in my mental disorders and physical disabilities, I began to question even if life was worth living. I questioned everything - everything except if what I was experiencing was normal, if it was fixable. That was part of my illnesses, I know now; they lie. They whisper false things that make my feelings go wild and my self get lost in the chaos of it all. Combined with the constant pain of my body, and I had a hard time not believing the lies. Steven Universe was a big part of what brought me back from the brink. The show, in combination with my besties and my fam and my wife, my new kitten and my new meds, my word of the year (SHINE); now the whispers say that things aren’t all bad (aren’t ever all bad) and yes, life is worth living and love is worth loving. Yes. Worth it. Always. ⭐️ #kyeli365

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli