Emerging. I am adjusting to the shortness of my new haircut, and today I realized (again, again, it’s always a process) so much of my self-worth is tied up in my hair. Much of my feelings of safety. How I move in the world. Who I (think I) am. Can I be a mermaid without long hair? Can I be loved? Can I be safe? Can I be me? Yes. Yes. Of course, yes. I feel shy about this entire situation. Nervous. Timid. I haven’t had it this short in a long time, and wow look at all those silvers in there, and omg it’s short! And also, it’s hair. It will grow back. It’s actually quite cute and I (think I) like it. Or I will like it. Especially when we dye it blue next week. 💙 #beyourownbeloved

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli