Things I See On Walks {a poem}

a painting of God giving life, framed in brown an out of glass fire hydrant - possibly used (which brings a full set of questions to mind) traffic cones in various shapes and sizes (still call them cones even when they’re not actually cone-shaped) cracks in the sidewalk shaped like hearts (I never step on those) graffiti messages of love graffiti messages of hate graffiti messages I can’t even begin to interpret birds, like rather a lot of birds to be honest trash floating about in the wind or smooshed beyond recognition people enjoying their own walks (each of us in our own private worlds yet sharing the world at large, which I find so beautiful) once, a seal in the bay once, a nest in the bush, filled with eggs once, a bicycle with no rear tire once, a broken positive pregnancy test #napowrimo2019

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli