I am made of dominoes each one sending another tumbling unseating my internal structures changing the landscape taken for granted into something unfamiliar like the cold sands of Pluto revoked, losing even the status of planet orbiting forlorn in the very distant distance

I am made of ocean waves ever reaching for the shore each ebbing drop a memory each flowing drop a moment each watery drop a molecule of my soul kissing the moon with every breath relying on the whole to bring me home

I am made of potential energy exchanging places storms rolling in like thunder life and god and grief and love dandelion seeds drifting one by one on my exhale I am change in the wind

I am made of meat and stardust bones and blood and muscles chemicals and chemistry, miracles and magic a temple a ruin a sheep or a shark, a flower or a prickly pear a deep breath, a heartbeat, a moment of yes #napowrimo2019

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli