the imprint of a mermaid fluke faintly shimmering on my floor like a crop circle in the carpet a sign of something mysterious, something different, something bigger than myself

I align myself with the imprint I imagine myself the mermaid free flowing, swimming, singing under the ocean’s blue glass ceiling watching ships pass overhead like whales in the sky

the sound of humanity deafening through the waves the trash of humanity creating islands in my home the greed of humanity threatening my world the fear of humanity dimming my bright shining heart

in my mind’s eye, the mermaid (we are one and the same, the mermaid and I) floats beneath the waves, her (our) skin cool her (our) hair flowing her (our) dreams shifting like the currents

I used to think it would be an escape, to be the mermaid, but the only way out is through and now I know that she and I must both shine our light must both rise to fight must both become more than we are more than the sum of our parts (we are one and the same, the mermaid and I) our worlds are the same, the mermaid’s and mine #napowrimo2019 #poetry #the100dayproject

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli