Bastion Hawthorne Weatherwax Smith went to the fair one day, looking for his fortune bold then going on his way.

He set sail on a schooner ship sailing ‘cross the sea, looking for his final home, he happened upon me. “Ahoy there, mermaid!” he did call, from up upon the ship, “I see you shimmering below!” but then his paws did slip.

I caught him as he hit the waves and wrapped him in my tail, blew magic right into his nose to protect him from the veil

of the waters as they closed around as we descended. We had no fear as we sank down, our hearts forever blended.

So now a cat and mermaid true live together by the sea. Our tale strange and mysterious but then, the same are we.

#bastionhawthorneweatherwax #napowrimo2019 #the100dayproject

Kyeli Smith @Kyeli